New Elevator Planning

Would you like to install an elevator and upgrade the building?

The service includes all phases required to install a new lift, starting with signing an agreement with the elevators company emphasizing the elevator to adjust to your needs, followed by obtaining all necessary approvals from the authorities, and ending with the acceptance of the new elevator after getting the approval of the Standards Institution,

The services provided:

  • Learning the project and program preparation for vertical traffic.
  • Submission of financial estimates.
  • Preparation of technical specifications and Bill of Quantities for lifts and escalators - including alternatives.
  • General plans and specifications.
  • Calculation of load data, weight, dimensions, power supplies etc.
  • Ongoing consultation to the architect, constructor and the electrical engineer.
  • Detailed construction plans for the shaft and the machine rooms.
  • Auction outcome analysis and assistance in negotiating with the various contractors.
  • Testing and approval of the contractor's performance plans.
  • Provide guidance to planners for updating and completing implementation plans whenever needed.
  • Supervision of the execution site and contractor plants.
  • Final acceptance testing of elevators and escalators.
  • Gain approval from the Standards Institute to operate the elevators and escalators.
  • Preparation of a service agreement between the company and the customer.