Elevator Condition Review

In many cases, clients engaging with the elevator company might feel "helpless" due to the complexity in planning of a renovation process or even due to simple routine maintenance procedures. Many aspects like choosing the right service provider or assemblies, bill verification and others requires professional advice which will ensure high performance and a high level of service alongside significant cost savings.

Eyal Efrati provides professional opinions in the following areas:

  • Lifts with repeated failures.
  • Lifts that need to be renovated.
  • Quality inspection and adjustment after installing an elevator.
  • Lifts after renovation that was done incorrectly.

The professional opinion includes:

  • Determine the elevator's level of maintenance and care.
  • Characterization and finding of problematic factors in the elevator.
  • Providing solutions for implementation.
  • Recommendations for upgrading the elevator.
  • Financial estimate.