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About Eyal Efrati

Engaged in the field of elevators and service since 1989.

Since 1998, Eyal provides professional planing and advisory services for both institutions and private market clients nationwide.

Services are provided in the following areas:

      • Elevators service control
      • Escalator service control
      • Parking multiplier Service Control
      • Planning the installation of new lifts
      • Generator Installation and Design
      • Service Control Legal opinions Providing insurance adjuster opinions tort claims

Eyal's working principals

Counseling , field work , standing in front of the elevator company , responding to criticism and customer returns and any other need arises done with personal attention to the customer from A to Z, while ensuring professionalism , trust , personal service and professional innovation .

Only when you truly love what you do , You can give the best service ...

Eyal Efrati