Elevators Renovation Planning

    • Have you decided to renovate the elevator? 
    • Where to start?
    • What is the price? 
    • Who to contact? 

There are several possible reasons for the need to renovate the elevator: 
    • Elevator's age
    • The level and the quality of the equipment 
    • Maintenance level
    • Failure of an ensemble
What should you do? 

Here I come with 20 years of experience, advice and planning of your elevator's renovation, based no your needs needs and budget. 

Services provided: 
    • Submission of reviews including financial estimates. 
    • Preparation of technical specifications and Bill of Quantities - including alternatives. 
    • General plans and specifications. 
    • Auction offering analysis assistance in negotiations with potential contractors. 
    • Help and advice with renovation contracts in-front of the the elevator company. 
    • Testing and approval of the contractor's performance plans. 
    • Provide guidance to planners in updating and completing implementation plans. 
    • Supervision over the execution site and contractor plants. 
    • Final acceptance testing. 
    • Preparation of a service agreement between the company and the customer.